Friday, 10 October 2014

Want to change

  “Now Daniel, do you still truly believe in vampires and that you’re one of them?”
   “Doctor, I’ve done it all for you; inkblots; word association; rebirthing; visualization; talking about my mother. Your collection of cigar advertisements. And yes; what’s true is true and it’s true there are vampires, including me.”
   “Don’t you know how intense and twitchy that sounds?”
   “Wouldn’t you after seven nights on this couch? The other vampires say I’m getting twitchier as the centuries pass.”
   “And what are they doing about that Daniel?”

   “Well, from time to time they feed me a psychiatrist. It seems to help.”


Steve Green said...

Heheh!! That was definitely not what the Doc' wanted to hear. :)

ganymeder said...

Lol, nice one! But why stay on the couch seven nights if he's just hungry?

Jon Jefferson said...

Is this the vampire version of dinner and conversation?