Friday, 5 April 2013

On your marks. Get set. Go.

   “Put the gun down. On the rock there. Good. Now let’s see those irises.”
   “I have a flashlight. Shall I?”
   “The moonlight’s fine. You’re human. Leave the gun there. Drink? Water’s clean.”
   “Thanks. You come from the mountains?”
   “Desert. Xenos in the mountains sweeping up refugees and survivalists. Squinty bastards poisoning the well.”
   “We culture realistic corneal implants, too. Useful intel about the desert that. How’ve you managed to remain yourself?”
   “I never sleep. Not for centuries. Go home. Don’t phone ahead – just go. We have biology labs too.”
   “This flashlight has ultraviolet.”
   “Before I can reach the gun? Seriously?”