Friday, 8 February 2013

Round and round

   I volunteer as a rear gunner on a school bus.
   Monday to Friday; 8.15 AM and 3.30 PM, I guard the back windows as the City’s elderly armoured Routemaster burns oilseed or, after a bad harvest, sand-filtered Lard along the river road up to the Castle. It’s riskiest when the infants are disembarking or clambering on young, malnourished legs up the too-high step.  Warmed by hours of daylight, Johnny Zeb is at his most active at those times and I get far too much practice firing the Mouth Organ.
   Still, it breaks the monotony of potato farming and halberd drill.


Steve Green said...

Great stuff, I love post-apocalytic stories.

This one had me from the opening line.

AB Singer said...

Thank you Steve - that's the trick, isn't it? mind you, sustaining the excitement's a harder job - especially at my age.
On a darker note, it's back to sunny Yorkshire today for the third instalment of my occasional vampire series 'The Changes.'